The Metropolitan Railway: traditional trains, monorail or underground?

Should we buy new traditional trains and create more connections on the most popular routes? Or maybe build monorail routes, or maybe just… underground?

The concept of the Metropolitan Railway will include answers and recommendations concerning these and many other questions. The document is being prepared by experts from the Silesian University of Technology who won the relevant tender. The results of their work should be made available in December 2018.

“Railway is the basis of public transport systems in highly developed cities and metropolitan areas,” says Kazimierz Karolczak, Chairman of the Board of Metropolis GZM.

“Unfortunately, the importance of this mode of transport has been declining in our region in the last 30 years. We want to rebuild its position, because rail transport can be very beneficial in the context of contemporary roads which are crowded with passenger cars. We all know that even a small collision during peak hours can effectively paralyse traffic between several cities of the Metropolis.”

At the end of July, Metropolis GZM selected the winning tender for development of the concept of the Metropolitan Railway. It will be prepared by experts from the Silesian University of Technology.

The document will help the authorities decide whether focusing on purchasing new trains which could supplement the already existing connections on the most popular railway routes is the right decision, and determine the direction of further development of the metropolitan railway network. Once it is finished, the document will explain which model of the Metropolitan Railway would be the most suitable for the region. The experts will analyse various options and provide recommendations as to whether the Metropolis should focus on expansion of the traditional railway network or invest in monorail infrastructure, which usually allows the train to use a single monorail track on a special overpass.

The concept is just the beginning of the process of rebuilding the importance of railway transport in the Metropolis. Building of a well-functioning Metropolitan Railway system is a task which will require at least a decade of work, huge financial outlays, and cooperation of many partners.