Central European Drone Demonstrator (CEDD) to be created in the Metropolis

CEDD is a response to the growth in the drone market and the expected demand for services performed by unmanned aerial vehicles in the urban space (U-Space). The creation of the CEDD was initiated by the Civil Aviation Office, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, and Metropolis GZM. This is Poland’s first platform meant to be used to exchange knowledge and support related to acquisition and development of technological solutions, and facilitate communication and cooperation between various stakeholders.

In the first phase of its operation, CEDD will allow for integration of the UAV companies operating in the area of Metropolis GZM.

CEDD is a place where all entities focused on unmanned and autonomous technologies – from suppliers and integrators, through clients, scientific institutions, local governments and public administration, to financial institutions and investors – will be able to test conditions for future cooperation and practical applications within the framework of the emerging new market.

All projects implemented within the CEDD framework will contribute to creating conditions for stable development of unmanned technologies, which will make it possible to include them in the economic and transport ecosystem.

Creation of air and ICT infrastructure which ensures safe and effective use of low altitude spaces by unmanned air traffic will be of crucial importance for the whole project.

It will become the foundation of the U-space environment, allowing for automatic and, in the future, autonomous drone flights for commercial applications.

The UAV technology can significantly improve the transport of various types of shipments, minimising the risk of delays in delivery.