Metropolis GZM and other European metropolises sign the Rome Declaration

The Rome Declaration aims to strengthen the EU cohesion policy to support development of European metropolitan areas, continue the already initiated EU programmes, and maintain the current level of investment. It was signed on 26 October 2018, during the European Metropolitan Authorities Forum in Rome. Metropolis GZM was one of the signatories of the Declaration.

The signed Declaration emphasised that metropolises and metropolitan areas are the key tools which can effectively support other European cities in their struggles with current problems.

The challenges they face include improvement of public transport, fight against low-stack emissions, and issues related to spatial planning.

The signatories believe that, considering the tasks assigned to European metropolises, these areas should become part of steering committees at their respective national levels to help identify problems and seek solutions, which would later be reflected in the EU structural funds.

Aside from Metropolis GZM, the Roman Declaration was also adopted by the metropolitan areas of Rome, Turin, Cracow, Warsaw, Barcelona, Lisbon and Helsinki.