The Metropolis at the summit: an interactive exhibition, workshops, and film screenings at the former headquarters of the Silesian Museum

Metropolis GZM has prepared numerous attractions for its inhabitants and participants of the Climate Summit, including an interactive exhibition, a mapping show, meetings with Filip Springer and Gil Penalosa, film screenings and environmental workshops for children, ensuring also that many of these events are accessible to deaf and blind people. The door of the former headquarters of the Silesian Museum, located in the immediate vicinity of the Katowice’s market square, will be opened to the public, and between 1 and 16 December, the building will be the heart of the Metropolis. 

The UN climate summit is the most important event devoted to the climate change issues. This year’s conference will be held in Katowice. To celebrate this occasion, the Metropolis is opening the former headquarters of the Silesian Museum to the public. The building is located in the vicinity of the Katowice market square (al. Korfantego 3) and will host a number of attractions, events, and concerts, spreading awareness of Metropolis GZM’s character and potential among its inhabitants and summit participants. It is worth noting that although the summit takes place on 3-14 December, the events organised by the Metropolis will start earlier and finish later – they will last from 1 to 16 December.

Some of the events, among them, workshops for children and teenagers and meetings with invited guests, will be translated not only into English, but also into sign language. Some of the information materials will also be made available in Braille.

Let yourself be surprised: a mapping show, and an interactive exhibition in the open zone

The Metropolis will open its doors to the public on Saturday (1 December), before the official inauguration of the Climate Summit.

A special open zone will be created in the former headquarters of the Silesian Museum. It will be filled with attractions and open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 11 pm, and from 10 am to 11 pm on weekends.

Visitors will be able to enjoy such spectacles as an impressive mapping show, which will present the resources, potential and history of the area in an audiovisual form. The mapping will be displayed on a 25-metre-long arch, and the screen will be 5-metre-high.

An interactive exhibition showcasing the vision of the metropolis of the future will be another of the attractions offered in the zone.

During the Climate Summit, the former headquarters of the Silesian Museum will turn into a vibrant, lively place – the heart of the Metropolis will be beating in the building. The Metropolitan open zone will be also a place where baristas will serve delicious coffee, and visitors will be able to take a deep breath in a special oxygen bar, which will be open during the first two hours of the zone’s opening hours.

In addition to the permanent attractions, the building will also host screenings, concerts, and meetings with world-class experts.

Due to the limited number of available seating places, some events organised by the Metropolis will require prior registration.

Get inspired: meetings with interesting people and world-class experts

When it comes to experts, the Metropolis has invited guests whose knowledge and authority are recognised internationally.

Gil Penalosa is a world-class expert in creating vibrant cities and healthy communities for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, abilities, and social, economic or ethnic background. He focuses on the design and use of parks and streets as large-scale public places, and on promoting sustainable mobility. Because of his unique combination of experience, pragmatism and passion, many cities and organisations around the world seek his leadership and valuable advice. He worked in over 300 different cities, on all continents. Gil Penalosa will be a guest of the Metropolis on 4 December. The workshop requires registration to participate –

The following day, that is, on Wednesday, 5 December, Gil Penalosa will take part in the “Revita Metropolis” conference, as one of the speakers. The conference will be devoted to urban regeneration, and representatives of the Ruhr Regional Association have also been invited to share their experiences in this area. Participation in this event requires an invitation.

It is also worth reserving some time on 14 December, as this is the date of the meeting with Filip Springer, a reporter and photographer, whose book “History of a Disappearance: The Story of a Forgotten Polish Town” was shortlisted for the Nike Literary Prize, the Gdynia Literary Prize, and the Ryszard Kapuściński Literary Reportage Prize. The workshop requires registration to participate –

Learn more: film screenings, and environmental and civic workshops

The 16-day-long event will offer an opportunity to watch three documentaries which constitute important voices in the debate about the future of our planet. Participation in the screenings requires registration.

“Racing Extinction” ( is a documentary film which focuses on animal species which are currently in danger of extinction. The screening will take place on 7 December. Another documentary, “Honey Hunters” ( will be screened two days later. This film describes how the mass disappearance of bee colonies creates a threat to human civilisation. “Anote’s Ark”, a documentary focused on the dangers of rising sea levels, will be presented on 12 December (

The public will be also invited to the meetings with e.g. actor Marcin Dorociński and filmmaker Krystian Matysiak, which are organised in co-operation with Silesia Film, as part of its series of film-focused meetings.

The full spectrum of events taking place in the former Silesian Museum is actually even broader. Other activities and events which will take place at al. Korfantego 3, between 1 and 16 December, include for example environmental workshops for children, attended also by students from special needs schools, and the finale of the Business Mixer competition for the most eco-friendly start-up.

Still, interesting initiatives are not the only focus for the Metropolis. The people are equally important. This is why many events organised for the Climate Summit will be devoted to shaping civic attitudes. Civil awareness workshops for teenagers from secondary schools from the Metropolitan area will take place almost every day through the first half of December.

The workshops will be run by representatives of the Bona Fides Civic Activity Association, who have been supporting local residents and activists, and building relations between local government and non-governmental organisations, for more than 15 years.

Listen: concerts performed by music school students and the “Aukso” string quartet

When there are films, music is usually close by. A concert of the Music School Complex of Ruda Śląska will take place on the first day of the planned events, i.e. on 1 December. Talents and achievements of students of this music school have been recognised with many awards and distinctions, and the musical tradition of Ruda Śląska dates back to the interwar period.

The second day will be particularly interesting for jazz fans, as students of the Primary and Secondary Mieczysław Karłowicz State Music School of Katowice will showcase their jazz skills.

The following days will provide an opportunity to listen to the Aukso string quartet concert and enjoy the talent of the pupils of the Music School Complex from Tychy and Katowice. Music fans will also have a chance to participate in the music workshop conducted by a multi-instrumentalist, Tomasz Drozdek. Registration is required to participate in the concert of Aukso quartet ( or the music workshop run by Tomasz Drozdek (