The Metropolis airport buses are on the roads

There are four bus lines, with 12 stops in 8 different cities, and the fuchsia-yellow buses are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. This colour scheme is characteristic for the metropolitan airport buses which hit the road on the 13th of November, just after midnight. Transfer to the airport can be purchased with a daily ticket, which costs PLN 14, or the newly introduced season ticket.

The express bus lines bring travellers to Gliwice, Zabrze, Bytom, Piekary Śląskie, Katowice, Sosnowiec, and Będzin. There is also a special night line which begins its journey in Tychy.

In total, four express lines were created: AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4, which bring travellers to the airport every half an hour during the day, and every hour and a half at night.

In the case of the Tychy line, during the day, passengers will be able to get to the railway station in Katowice, using the fast and convenient railway connection with the Metropolis capital, and at night, when trains do not run, passengers travelling to the airport will be able to reach it by means of the airport bus line (AP4), which is connected with the AP3 line.