Metropolis GZM embodies the potential inherent in diversity and joint activity based on integration, coordination and support for development of the key industries. The goal is to improve the quality and comfort of people’s lives and increase the investment attractiveness of the cities and municipalities of the Metropolis.

Metropolis GZM was established on the basis of the dedicated act, which defined the tasks which it is meant to fulfil:

  • support of social and economic development
  • integration and coordination of investments related to public transport
  • establishment of spatial order
  • cooperation in determining the placement of national and voivodeship roads
  • promotion of the Metropolitan association and its area.

During the first months of its operation, Metropolis GZM managed to implement solutions for which the inhabitants of the Silesian conurbation had been waiting for almost 20 years.

This includes a joint tariff for public transport tickets and free travel for children and teenagers. The Metropolis may soon become an incubator for the development of drone technology thanks to the agreement concluded with the Civil Aviation Office and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency regarding the creation of the Central European Drone Demonstrator.

You can read about the projects implemented by the Metropolis in the “Metropolis at work!” and “Metropolis on the move!” tabs.