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Financing the Metropolis

The Act establishing Metropolis GZM defined provisions regarding the financing of this type of institution unprecedented in Poland. The sources of income are primarily 5% tax revenues from individuals who live in the Metropolis and membership fees of communes and cities forming GZM.

The first budget of the Metropolis, in 2018, amounted to over PLN 362 million.

In the next budget, the planned revenues amounted to almost three times as much, i.e. over a billion zlotys.

This increase was related to the extension of the scope of operations of the Metropolis, which from 1 January 2019 took over tasks related to the organization of public transport.

Pursuant to the Act, communes may delegate the implementation of their statutory tasks to the Metropolis, but they must guarantee their financing. The part that individual communes additionally pay to the GZM budget when they commission performing their own task is called the variable contribution. This is the case with public transport organizations. It is, formally, the communes’ own task, which was transferred to the Metropolis. That is why communes pay a contribution to GZM’s budget every year to finance the operation of public transport in their area.

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