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  Łaziska Górne

Łaziska Górne is a town located in Mikołów county, with an area of 20.2 square kilometres, inhabited by approximately 20 thousand people. The city’s development was shaped by traditional industry. To this day, the mine, steelworks and power plant have been still operating here. For the majority of the Silesian Province residents, Łaziska Górne are associated with two huge chimneys towering over the interstate road DK 81 from Katowice to Wisła.

In Łaziska, the Museum of Power Industry is located. It is the only museum in Poland that presents archival collections associated with this sector. There, the visitors can admire a 100-year-old street transformer box from Bytom and a 100-year-old bulb manufactured using the Swan and Edison technology, which is lit once a year during the Festival of Light, precisely on 6th January.

Łaziska Górne is also famous for its 30-hectare Rock Mine Heap. It is probably the tallest closed mine heap in Europe, which is approximately 230 years old and 92 metres high. Its estimated weight is 17 million tons. From the very top of the mine heap, we can admire the beautiful panorama of, inter alia, Katowice, part of Zagłębie or Tychy.

One of the most characteristic landmarks in Łaziska Górne is the Church of the Martyrdom of John the Baptist.


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Culture, Łaziska Górne

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Łaziska Górne

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