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Metropolis logo

Simple yet elegant letter “M”, depicted in a shape that brings many associations with the heart, but also with the mathematical greater-than sign or the diamond. This is a logo that is the cornerstone of visual identification of the Metropolis GZM. It has been much recognized for its “visual flexibility”, taking different forms depending on the situation and context in which it is to be used. The official colours of the Metropolis GZM are fuchsia, yellow and blue.

We want our logo to be associated with cooperation, integration, innovation and modernity, smart city; it is to showcase the economic and intellectual potential of the Metropolis GZM and present the metropolis as a place where - as simple as it gets - people can live, live, learn, work and spend their free time.

We aimed at breaking with stereotypes which, unfortunately, still are unfairly associated with our region.

The letter “M” is accompanied by a sign that can be interpreted in many different ways. It can be a symbol of the heart, a diamond, or mathematical greater-than sign. Its key advantage is that it can “live” and take on various forms and shapes. It is an open project that can be reinvented and reinterpreted.

A compilation of ideas as to how this simple yet elegant letter “M” can evolve and change can be found in our logo book. Its most extensive part includes a fragment depicting the landmarks of individual cities and municipalities of the Metropolis. They each have received their own unique sign, symbolizing what is most characteristic and distinguishing for a given municipality. They are accompanied by the slogan “it fits fine”, since as you play on with its shape you get a coherent whole, like bricks in a popular Tetris game.

In this particular case, the sign is part of a larger process, outlining and defining a unique Silesian-Dąbrowa Basin raster, a mosaic of cities and municipalities united by a common definition, name and concept. In fact, however, the presented book, although it is over 120 pages long, merely outlines the contour. As Paweł Miszewski, the author of the logotype, describes his project, “it is up to the residents and time to fill it in.”

The official colours are fuchsia, yellow and blue. The first symbolizes the openness and new value brought by the establishment of the Metropolis. The remaining two colours, yellow and blue, are the synthesis of heraldic colours of Upper Silesia and the Dąbrowa Basin.

The logo of the Metropolis GZM was selected in an international competition attended by over 140 authors.

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